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James Mullin (1846 - 1920):

James Mullin was born in Cookstown, County Tyrone. He left school at the age of eleven and worked on a farm, after which he spent nine years as a carpenter. He was one of the first recruits of the Fenian Brotherhood which he joined in 1865, and he and other members were denounced by their church. When he was twenty-two years old he went to Cookstown Academy and supported himself by working part-time. He took a Bachelor of Arts degree at Queen's College, Galway. He tutored students to fund himself for the degree of Doctor of Medicine and he subsequently practised in London and Cardiff. At one period of his life he served as a ship's surgeon, and at another as a journalist. He wrote a great deal, including his autobiography, The Story of a Toiler's Life. Although he was a Catholic, he went to a Protestant school, and of this he said: 'The intermingling of the sects was attended by the happiest results, inasmuch as it allowed the young people to understand one another and contract friendships which no subsequent surroundings or whispers of bigotry could ever wholly efface'.

Born: 1846
Died: 1920
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