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Oliver Bond (1762 - 1798):
Woolen merchant and United Irishman

Oliver Bond was born in County Londonderry. He had a woollen business in Dublin and was active in Irish politics, joining the United Irishmen on their formation in 1791. Despite a term of imprisonment in Newgate, by 1797 he was enthusiastically engaged in administering the United Irishmen's oath, and enrolling and arming men. Meetings of the Leinster Directory of United Irishmen took place at his house which was the setting for the resolution 'We will pay no attention to any measure which the Parliament of this kingdom may adopt, to divert the public mind from the grand object we have in view; as nothing short of the entire and complete regeneration of our country can satisfy us.' He was tried and convicted for high treason on the 24th of July, 1798, and after six weeks in prison died suddenly. He is buried in St Michan's graveyard, Dublin.

Born: 1762
Died: 1798
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