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Leslie Alexander Montgomery (1873 - 1961):

Leslie Montgomery was born in Downpatrick, County Down, and educated in Dundalk. At the age of sixteen he joined the Northern Banking Company in Belfast and worked in Cushendall, County Antrim, and Keady, County Armagh. When he was thirty-three he was transferred to Skerries, County Dublin, where until 1934 he was Branch manager. He wrote more than twenty books under his pseudonym, 'Lynn C. Doyle'. The popular 'Ballygullion' stories ran into several volumes and later editions were illustrated by William Conor. His comedy, Love and Land was produced in London at the Little Theatre. Other plays among which are The Lilac Ribbon and The Turncoats were staged by the Ulster Literary Theatre. Among his novels is Mr Wildridge at the Bank, and he also wrote an autobiography, An Ulster Childhood. He broadcast regularly from the BBC in Belfast and for a short period served as a member of the Censorship of Publications Board. He was President of the Consultative Council of Irish PEN in 1954. He died in Dublin.

Born: 1873
Died: 1961
Kate Newmann