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Harold Midgley (1892 - 1957):

Harry Midgley was born in North Belfast. He served in the First World War and published a collection of poems, Thoughts from Flanders. When he returned from the war, he joined the Belfast Labour Party. In 1921 he unsuccessfully contested the East Belfast parliamentary seat and in 1923 and 1924, he fought the West Belfast seat. He polled over twenty-one thousand votes and appealed to the working-class constituents on both the Falls and the Shankill. He was first secretary of the Northern Ireland Labour Party, and in 1925 was elected a city councillor for Dock ward. He gained a seat in the Northern Ireland parliament in 1933. He lost his seat in Dock ward in 1938, because of the unpopularity of his support for Republican Spain. During the Second World War he formed the commonwealth labour party and held the post of Minister of Public Security in the Stormont war-time government. He joined the Unionist party in 1947, was appointed Minister of Labour in 1949 and Minister of Education in 1950. He joined the Orange and Black Orders and became chairman of Linfield Football Club.

Born: 1892
Died: 1957
Kate Newmann