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John Mitchelburne (1648 - 1721):

John Michelburne was born in Sussex. Be-tween 1680 and 1683 he served in Tangiers and in 1689 took part in the attack on Carrickfergus. During the siege of Derry he commanded a regiment of foot. In 1689 he became Governor of Derry, and refused to accept a bribe from King James. He wrote a play based on his observations: Ireland Preserved, or the Siege of Londonderry. He commanded an army at the Boyne and at the siege of Sligo, of which he became Governor in 1691. He spent much time extracting the money which he felt to be rightfully his, from the English Treasury. He died in Derry.

Born: 2 January 1648
Died: 1 October 1721
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