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Seamus MacManus (1869 - 1960):

Seamus MacManus was born in Inver, County Donegal. He was educated at Glencoagh National School and in 1888 became its principal. He began to write for the Weekly Irish Times and other journals, and in 1899 went to America, where his stories were popular. He wrote many fairy-tales, poetry and novels, among which are Shuilers; Humours of Donegal; Through the Turf Smoke; The Bewitched Fiddle; and Land of the O'Friels. He was also a playwright and published The Woman of Seven Sorrows; Orange and Green; Dinny O'Dowd and Father Peter's Miracle. Though he continued to be based in America, he returned to Donegal every year, and is remembered for having told stories to the children at the village pump. In 1938 he published his autobiography, The Rocky Road to Dublin.

Born: 1869
Died: 1960
Kate Newmann