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Robert Black (1752 - 1817):
Cleric, Presbyterian

Robert Black was born in County Armagh and was educated in Glasgow. In 1777 he was ordained in the Presbyterian Church at Dromore, County Down and was bitterly opposed to the United Irishmen. He did, however, support Catholic Emancipation and the reform of the electoral system. He had considerable contact with Lord Castlereagh, to whom he gave advice. He was appointed synod agent for the 'regium donum', a post which he occupied from 1788 until his death. In 1801 he received an honorary doctorate from America. His theology was regarded as controversial, as was his support for the Arian, William Porter, whom he sought as a colleague. Among other works he published A Catechism. He committed suicide by throwing himself into the River Foyle.

Born: 1752
Died: 4 December 1817
Kate Newmann