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Patrick McGilligan (1889 - 1979):

Patrick McGilligan was born in Coleraine, County Londonderry, and was educated at St Columb's, Derry, Clongowes Wood College and University College, Dublin. He was called to the Bar in 1921. After an unsuccessful attempt to win a seat for Sinn Fein in 1918, he became a member of the Dail for the National University of Ireland. From 1924 to 1932 he was Minister for Industry and Commerce, during which time he set up the Electricity Supply Board to harness the waters of the Shannon. In 1927 he had the additional office of Minister for External Affairs. During 1929 and 1930 he was heavily involved in the Imperial Conference and the Committee on the Operation of Dominion Legislation. From 1937 to 1965 he represented Dublin constituencies in the Dail. During this period he was Minister for Finance, and he also became Professor of Constitutional and International Law at University College, Dublin. In 1946 he was appointed Senior Counsel and served from 1951 to 1954 as Attorney-General.

Born: 1889
Died: 1979
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