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Gertrude M. Grew (c.1900 - ):

Gertrude M. Grew was born in Portadown and studied at the School of Art in Belfast and at the Royal College of Art in London. In the early 1920s she worked at embroidery before going to Dublin to open the Cluna Studios, where she was later joined by Margaret O'Keefe who specialised in enamelling. The studios produced hand-made jewellery, enamelled metal-work, stencilled fabrics and coloured embroidery. It also produced hand-coloured prints, calendars and cards, and hand-painted woodwork. Gertrude Grew decorated ceramics and won a bronze medal at the Tailteann Exhibition in 1924. By 1925 she had become a member of the Guild of Irish Art Workers.

Born: c.1900
Kate Newmann