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Joseph David Everett (1831 - 1904):
Physicist and mathematician

Joseph Everett was born in England and was educated in England and Glasgow, where he studied classics, moral philosophy and physical science. For a brief period he was secretary of the Meteorological Society of Edinburgh. For five years, from 1859, he was Professor of Mathematics in Nova Scotia, Canada. His first published paper was on observations of underground temperature. He also investigated atmospheric electricity. He returned to Britain and experimented on the elastic properties of glass under Professor William Thomson in Glasgow. In 1867 he was appointed Professor of Natural Philosophy at Queen's College, Belfast, where he remained for nearly thirty years. He published many theoretical physics and mathematical papers, mainly in the Philosophical Magazine and Nature. He also wrote several textbooks, including "Units and Physical Constants" and invented the term "erg" for a unit of energy.

Born: 11 September 1831
Died: 9 August 1904
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