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John Dunlap (1747 - 1812):

John Dunlap was born in Strabane, County Tyrone. As a child he went to Philadelphia to live with his uncle William, who was a printer and publisher. By the age of eighteen he was running his uncle's business and had started the newspaper Pennsylvania Packet. This venture was extremely successful, and in 1784 it became the first daily newspaper in the United States; it later became known as the North American and United States Gazette. He was appointed printer to Congress, and it was his press which first issued the Declaration of Independence. George Washington appointed him an officer in his bodyguard at Trenton and Princeton. In a letter home on the 12th of May, 1785, he wrote 'There is no place in the world where a man meets so rich a reward for good conduct and industry as in America.' He died in Philadelphia.

Born: 1747
Died: 1812
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