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James Drumm (1896 - 1974):
Chemist and industrial technologist

James Drumm was born in Dundrum, County Down, and was educated at St Macarten's College, and University College, Dublin where he became Professor of Science. He was primarily a chemist and industrial technologist. He developed and manufactured batteries which were capable of being charged at very high rates. In 1930 the 'Drumm battery' was mounted in a demonstration rail coach and the result was that two 'Drumm trains' were built, which could travel with passengers at a speed of forty-seven miles per hour for eighty miles on one single charge. These trains served the lines from Connolly Station and Harcourt Street Station, to Bray in the years between 1930 and 1950. In 1940, government aid was withdrawn and the project was never fully developed. James Drumm was a member of the Senate of the National University of Ireland and in 1935 was appointed Vice-President of the Federation of Irish Industries. He was the first to import stainless steel into Ireland and was a member of the Board of the Emergency Scientific Research Bureau. He died in Dublin.

Born: 1896
Died: 1974
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