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Patrick Donahoe (1811 - 1901):
Publisher and philanthropist

Patrick Donahoe from Cavan, was a businessman, especially publisher, in Boston, USA, principally producing journals for the Catholic popylation of Boston and the region.
Donahoe was born in in the townland of Munnery, Kilmore, Co Cavan. His parents were Terence Donohoe and Jane Christy. When he was ten years old he emigrated to Boston, where he became apprenticed to a printer. He initiated the Boston Pilot, an Irish literary journal, on 2 January 1836 along with George Pepper and H.L Devereaux. He became a publisher and a bookseller, but in 1872 his printing house was destroyed in the Great Boston Fire of 1872 and in 1878, increasingly suffering business reverses, he was forced to sell the Pilot. Later things turned positive for him and he began to print Donahoe's Magazine,which was a success and enabled him to buy back the Pilot in 1881.
Outside of his publishing activities he founded the Emigrant Savings Bank which helped the many Irish emigrants who came to the United States after the famine with savings and financial matters. He was involved in a number of successful ventures like bookselling and provision of church supplies. All of these prospered and he was able to donate generously to various charitable causes. On St Patrick's Day, 17 March 1893 he was honoured with the Laetare Medal of the University of Notre Dame in recognition of his charitable works especially in favour of Catholic interests
He was buried in St Augustine’s Cemetery, Boston. He was married twice, first to Kate Griffin on 23 November 1836, who died in 1852; and second to Anna E Davis on 17 April, 1853..

Born: 7 March 1811
Died: 18 March 1901
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