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Lord Edward Carson (1854 - 1935):
Politician and lawyer

Edward Carson was born in Dublin, and was educated at Portarlington and Trinity College, Dublin, and was called to the Irish Bar in 1877. He joined the Leinster Circuit and in 1887 became junior Counsel to the Attorney-General. He was appointed Queen's Counsel in 1889 and Solicitor-General for Ireland in 1892. From 1892 to 1918 he was member of parliament for Dublin University. In 1893 he was called to the English Bar and became Queen's Counsel in 1894, receiving a knighthood in 1900. He is remembered for his cross-examination of Oscar Wilde. When the Conservative party went out of office in 1905, he was already a leading member and in 1910 he accepted the leadership of the Irish Unionists in the Westminster parliament. He was prominent in forming the Ulster Volunteers, who were trained, illegally armed, and prepared to oppose Home Rule. When the Liberal government gave way to a coalition in the spring of 1915, he was appointed Attorney General, but resigned this post after a few months because of his dissatisfaction with how the war was being conducted. In 1916 he accepted the office of First Lord of the Admiralty and in 1917 entered the war Cabinet, resigning again in 1918. In the same year he abandoned his seat for Dublin University and became member of parliament for the Duncairn division of Belfast. He refused the invitation to be Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, regarding partition as a defeat. He resigned from politics and was given a life peerage as Baron Carson of Duncairn. He was buried in St Anne's Cathedral after a state funeral in Belfast. [Biographies by E. Marjoribanks and Paul Bew].

Born: 9 February 1854
Died: 22 October 1935
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