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Dr Thomas Moorhead (1822 - 1877):
Physician; surgeon

Thomas Moorhead was born in Monaghan, younger brother of Dr Edward Moorhead; and cousin of Dr John Moorhead and Dr William Robert Moorhead of Bray. Like his brother Edward, whose career Thomas’s uncannily duplicated, Thomas studied medicine at Edinburgh University, graduating MD in 1842 with a thesis entitled “On the treatment of syphilis”.

He joined the Army Medical Service (AMS) in 1845 in the rank of assistant surgeon attached to the 54th Foot, progressing as staff assistant surgeon in 1853, to staff surgeon in 1854, and was posted to the 7th Foot in 1855, where he saw active service during the Crimean War; and to the 26th Foot in 1867. In 1875 he attained the rank of deputy surgeon general. He retired on half pay in 1876 and settled firstly in Clifton, Somerset, then in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, where he died. He appears never to have married.

Born: 1 July 1822
Died: 26 May 1877
Peter Froggatt

Principal source: RSJ Clarke: A Directory of Ulster Doctors (who qualified before 1901), vol II, p 833 (Belfast, Ulster Historical Foundation, 2013)