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Thomas Hughes VC (1885 - 1942):

Thomas Hughes was born at Coravoo, near Castleblayney, County Monaghan. He enlisted in the 6th Battalion, Connaught Rangers, and during the protracted Battle of the Somme, on 3 September 1916 his unit saw action at Guillemant, France and Hughes was in thick fighting. Early in the day he was wounded but insisted on returning to action. Spotting a dangerous enemy machine gun position he single-handedly attacked it, destroyed the gun and even was able to take several prisoners. His VC was gazetted on 26 October 1916 and awarded to him by the King himself in Hyde Park on 2 June 1917.

After the war he went back to Monaghan, with the rank of Corporal, where he died and was buried at St Patrick’s Church, Carrickmacross. His VC came to reside in the National Army Museum, Chelsea.

Born: 30 May 1885
Died: 8 January 1942
Richard Froggatt
Bibliography:; Richard Doherty & David Truesdale: Irish Winners of the Victoria Cross (Dublin 2000)