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Jean McGregor (1908 - 1994):
Sculptor and cermaicist

Jean McGregor was a ceramicist who was born in Belfast and attended the Belfast School of Art during the 1930s. A talented artist in clay, McGregor was awarded first prize by the school in the sculpture class for composition in the round in 1931. She later attended the Royal College of Art before returning to Belfast and becoming a member of the Ulster Unit, exhibiting with the group in 1934. Her work at the exhibition received high praise from Belfast’s critics, who found that in her pottery, "an extremely difficult art attains its proper dignity for once". It was her examples of pottery that sold best at the exhibition – six of her works were sold, including Seraph purchased by Elisabeth Clements and Pot by Lady Mabel Annesley. McGregor married the painter Charles (Cathal) W Harvey who taught at St Mary’s College in Belfast and was then known as Jean Harvey. She later held pottery classes in the Belfast School of Art in about 1948 where she taught the sculptor Elisabeth Clements. Jean died on 25th March 1994 and is buried with Charles who died on 27th June 1970, in Milltown Cemetery, Belfast.

Born: 1908
Died: 25 March 1994
Emma McVeigh

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