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Albert John Allaway (1904 - 1983):

Albert John Allaway was born in Yorkshire and worked as an engineer from the age of fourteen to twenty-four. He returned to education through the Workers' Education Association and in 1931 graduated from Sheffield University with first-class honours. For the next seven years he was employed by the Extra-Mural Department of the University of Manchester. During his time as Director of Extra-Mural Studies at Queen's University Belfast, 1938 to 1946, it was his policy to make classes accessible in all areas of Northern Ireland. He was also responsible for the education of the armed forces throughout the war. In 1946 he took over the adult education services in Leicester. He was a justice of the peace, President of the Educational Centres Association, and of the National Federation of Community Associations. The Queen's Jubilee Medal was bestowed on him for his contribution to the work of the National Council of Social Service, and he was elected President of the Transactional Analysis Group.

Born: 1904
Died: 1983
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