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Florence Ross (1870 - 1949):

Florence Agnes Ross was an Ulster-born artist who moved to Dublin as a young child. She was a cousin of JM Synge (through her mother, Agnes Traill) and the two were close friends when young; Synge later wrote of his great affection for her. On her mother's death Florence Ross went to live with the Synges. Later she spent over a decade abroad, mostly in  Tonga, where she kept house for her brother, and travelled in the southern hemisphere, including Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.

After her return to Ireland in the early twentieth century, she became a dedicated painter, largely of landscapes and in watercolours. Her preferred locations were in all parts of Ireland, including Ulster where she made painting expeditions in Antrim and Donegal. Although not well known, her work nevertheless was exhibited, in Ulster, by the Belfast Art Society and the Ulster Academy of Arts.

Born: 6 December 1870
Died: 10 July 1949
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