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Edward Walsh (1805 - 1850):
Teacher and poet

Edward Walsh was born in Derry, educated at a hedge school and became a hedge schoolmaster. He was imprisoned for his part in the tithe war. He taught in a National School near Mallow, but was dismissed from his post because of his articles published in The Nation. He became a National School teacher in County Waterford and published poems and translations in the Dublin Penny Journal. He was sub-editor of the Dublin Monitor for a short time, and was once more dismissed as a schoolteacher at Spike Island, the convict island in Cork Harbour, reputedly because he said farewell to John Mitchel before his transportation. He was a poet who wrote Reliques of Irish Jacobite Poetry with Metrical Translations and Irish Popular Songs, translated with notes. He taught in Cork Union Workhouse, where he died.

Born: 1805
Died: 6 August 1850
Kate Newmann