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Robert Stewart (1769 - 1822):

Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh and 2nd Marquis of Londonderry, was born in Dublin and was educated at the Royal School, Armagh, and St John's College, Cambridge. In 1790 he was elected to the Irish parliament, where he advocated the suppression of the Volunteers, and in 1798 he became Chief Secretary. He believed the Act of Union in 1800 was essential to preserve the Empire. When Catholic Emancipation did not follow as had been promised, he resigned. In 1805 he was appointed Secretary for War and until his death he played a prominent role in British politics. In 1812 he was appointed Foreign Secretary and masterminded the coalition against Napoleon, and he was instrumental in negotiating terms for peace at the Congress of Vienna in 1815. After this point his popularity waned, and in 1822 he committed suicide. His Correspondence and Despatches (12 vols) was published between 1847 and 1853.

Born: 18 June 1769
Died: 12 August 1822
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