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William Sheridan (1635 - 1711):
Bishop, Church of Ireland

William Sheridan was born in Togher, County Cavan, and was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he became Doctor of Divinity in 1682. He was chaplain to the Duke of Ormonde, and in 1667 became Rector of Athenry. Two years later he was appointed Dean of Down, and in 1682 became Bishop of Kilmore and Ardagh. When William III came to the throne, Sheridan left Kilmore and went to London to avoid taking the oath of allegiance, as a result of which he was deprived of his bishopric in 1691. His letters are preserved in the Sloane Manuscripts in the British Library. He died in London.

Born: 1635
Died: 3 October 1711
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