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Charles Stewart Scott (1838 - ):

Charles Scott was born at Willsborough, near Derry. He was educated at Cheltenham College and Trinity College, Dublin, and entered the Diplomatic Service. In 1859 he was appointed Attache to the Embassy in Paris and in 1862 was appointed to Copenhagen as third Secretary, and this appointment coincided with the war between Denmark, Austria and Prussia. In 1866 he was appointed second Secretary to Her Majesty's Legation in Mexico which was witnessing the final stages of the civil war, the seige of Mexico City and the downfall of Emperor Maximilian. He also served in Lisbon, Stuttgart, Munich and Vienna and in 1874 was appointed second Secretary and Head of the Chancery in St. Petersburg and witnessed the outbreak of the Russian-Turkish war. He later served in Darmstadt and Coburg and in 1883 was transferred to Berlin as Her Majesty's Secretary of the Embassy. He served as Envoy to Switzerland and Copenhagen and in 1898 was promoted to the post of Ambassador to Russia. He was knighted in 1896 and in 1898 became a Privy Councillor. He was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath as well as that of Saint Michael and Saint George. He received an honorary degree from Trinity College, Dublin. He died in Scotland.

Born: 1838
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