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Mina Robinson (c.1890 - ):

Mina Robinson held art classes in Belfast in the early 1890s that evolved into the Irish Decorative Art Association. The group, established along with Eta Lowry, was first known as the Belfast School of Poker-work. In 1894 at the Irish Decorative Art Association Exhibition in Portrush, County Antrim, she exhibited poker-work and at the Belfast Art and Industrial Exhibition of 1895, she showed an oak settle decorated in poker-work and 'hot air paints' which was a method innovated by her. She also exhibited art needlework. By 1896 the Belfast School of Poker-Work was involved in large scale decorations for house interiors, railway carriages and steamers. Often Celtic ornamentation was used in the designs. In 1904 the water-colour paintings of Percy French were framed in poker-work frames at the Portrush Exhibition and the decoration of harps and harp chairs were added to the School's output, as well as hand-painted china and leather book-binding, such as that used on the books of Moira O'Neill and AE. The work was widely exhibited, from Cork to St Louis.

Born: c.1890
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