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Saidie Patterson (1906 - 1985):
Trade unionist

Saidie Patterson was born on the Falls Road, Belfast, and lived there all her life. When she was twelve years of age she began working in the Belfast Linen Mills. She was active in her union, the Amalgamated Transport and General Workers' Union. She helped to organise many strikes to try and improve the conditions of the mainly female workforce. She became involved with the Moral Re-armament Movement after the Second World War, and she was a founder member of Women Together, an organisation that preceded the Peace People. She won the Methodist Peace Award in 1978 as well as five international peace awards. The prize money she donated to charities for children and arthritis sufferers. In the elections of 1945 she worked for the Northern Ireland Labour Party.

Born: 1906
Died: 1985
Kate Newmann