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Eoin O'Duffy (1890 - 1944):

Eoin O'Duffy was born in Cargaghdoo near Castleblayney, County Monaghan. He worked as an engineer and architect in County Monaghan and then became an auctioneer. He was a prominent volunteer in the 1916 uprising. In 1917 he joined the Irish Republican Army and was imprisoned on several occasions. In 1921 he became Director of Organisation of the Irish Republican Army and in the following year was appointed its Chief of Staff. He supported the Treaty and became first chief commissioner of the Garda Siochana, but in 1933 de Valera dismissed him. He became leader of the National Guard (soon known as the Blueshirts) and was appointed President of the Fine Gael party upon its formation in 1933, resigning in 1934. In 1935 he founded the National Corporate Party and in 1936 organised an Irish brigade to fight for Franco in the Spanish Civil War. He described his campaign in Crusade in Spain. He was given a state funeral.

Born: 28 January 1890
Died: 30 November 1944
Kate Newmann