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Andrew Nicholl (1804 - 1886):

Andrew Nicholl was born on 4 April 1804 in Church Lane, Belfast, and was apprenticed as a compositor with The Northern Whig when it started in 1824. He was a watercolourist and painted a series of views of the Antrim coast, and in 1830 he moved to London. Two years later he had moved to Dublin, and was exhibiting in the Royal Hibernian Academy, of which he became a member in 1860. He also exhibited in the Royal Academy, London. His drawings appeared in the Dublin Penny Journal from its first issue in 1832, and he was one of the artists selected to illustrate Hall's Ireland, its scenery, character (1841-43). He published Fourteen Views of the County of Wicklow with F. W. Wakeman. He was associated in 1835, with Picturesque Sketches of Some of the Finest Landscape and Coast Scenery of Ireland.

In 1840 he published twelve lithographs, The Northern Coast of Ireland. He moved to London in 1840 and in 1846 traveled to Ceylon, where Sir James Emerson Tennent, a friend of his from Belfast, was the Colonial Secretary. In 1848 he accompanied Tennent on an official tour of the island, and sketched for five weeks. His account appeared in the Dublin University Magazine, 1852. He returned to London, then moved to Dublin, then to Belfast, where he taught landscape drawing. He died in London on 16 April 1886. His work is represented at the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as major galleries and museums in Ireland.

Born: 4 April 1804
Died: 16 April 1886
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