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Francis Nevill (c.1648 - 1727):
Engineer and surveyor

Francis Nevill is noted in 1688 as one of the committee members who were to regulate the concerns of the City of Derry. He acted as an engineer to the Corporation of Derry. When he returned to Derry after the siege he published a map and tract entitled A Description of Londonderry as it was closely besieged by ye army in 1689. A description of the Towne and Workes about it. A description of the Enemy's Camp. In 1689 he was sworn a burgess of the City of Derry, and he built a town house and repaired Charlemont Fort. In 1703 he surveyed the Glan Bog between County Down and County Armagh, with the intention of creating a canal between Lough Neagh and Newry. He published Some Observation of Lough Neagh, in 1713. By 1726 he was residing at Belturbet, County Cavan.

Born: c.1648
Died: 1727
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