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James Edward McKenna (1868 - 1931):
Cleric, Roman Catholic and historian

James McKenna was born in Truagh, County Monaghan, and was educated at St Macarten's College and Maynooth. He was curate in Enniskillen from 1893 to 1909 and parish priest of Dromore, County Tyrone, from 1909. He was a member of the Royal Society of Antiquaries in Ireland and of the Royal Irish Academy. He contributed to journals, especially the Ulster Journal of Archaeology. Among his works are Parish of Dromore (1916); A History of the Diocese of Clogher (printed in sections by the Fermanagh Herald from 1920); Lough Erne; Lough Derg; Fermanagh and its Princes and Devenish (1899).

Born: 1868
Died: 1931
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